Tim Beecher is a renowned horseman and it's with his knowledge that Loughnatousa has developed. He was brought up surrounded by horses and has a great affinity with them.
Tim’s early days in the outback in Australia gave him valuable experience in training horses that he later brought back to Ireland. He built up this business from one horse, who was called Black Tudor. He point-to-pointed, hunted and show jumped and when he sold him this was the start of a new venture. He got his start in the equine industry at age twenty, training racehorses in Australia where he turned out six winners before returning to Ireland to set up his own farm.

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Paul’s exposure to horses came early in his life with his earliest memory being sitting on the saddle in front of his Dad while he rode along. With horses always in the background, It came as no surprise that Paul would follow in his father’s footsteps. A family with a long association with fox hunting, Paul's love for hunting started with his father taking him hunting on his first pony named Teddy at the age of four, Paul is still actively involved with the West Waterford Foxhounds, where he fills the role of Whipper in alongside his father the Joint Master.

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Horses were everything to me from the first time I sat up on a horse, as we didn't have ponies at the time. My first cob was called basher and I loved him with all my heart and we had an unbelievable connection. I hunted him, jumped him and he looked after me so well. My legs only coming to the end of the saddle. I didn't know any better.I had no fear, I just loved the thrill of it .

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Surrounded by horses, it came as no surprise that Mark Beecher would follow the same career path as his brothers and sisters. Mark was a keen showjumper until the age of 19, then chose not to ride at all for about 4 months until moving to Northern Ireland to go breaking racehorse which progressed into me taking out a Jockey’s license and began a racing career. Trained by my father, Tim, along with Rachel Bayliss, who would come over a couple times a year from England, Mark has gone on to have a successful career.

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