Diane Beecher

Horses were everything to me from the first time I sat up on a horse, as we didn't have ponies at the time. My first cob was called basher and I loved him with all my heart and we had an unbelievable connection. I hunted him, jumped him and he looked after me so well. My legs only coming to the end of the saddle. I didn't know any better.I had no fear, I just loved the thrill of it .

I brought all my ponies up to grade A and they all went on to be very successful with me and my brothers. Two ponies in particular were Loughnatousa Champ and Loughnatousa Thunderclap, who won just about everything and Loughnatousa Champ took Paul to Dublin at the tender age of 7 and being placed in the final at such a young age.

All these animals were like family members to us. We have such a great connection with our animals and that is what makes it so rewarding. Won the golden saddled award at the age of 15 which was a huge achievement Was selected to compete at the Europeans in Austria on Loughnatousa Gus who was only a six year old at the time. My most memorable moment was when I was second in a grade c class in Hickstead with Loughnatousa Mio and John Whitaker won it and David Broom was third and here was this girl from Ireland between two great riders. Another great memorable moment was jumping the only Irish clear in Grand Prix in Le Mains in France. Winning Grand Prixs in Challaghan, Charleville shows with the stallion Polanski.

The Loughnatousa stables would sell a lot of horses for eventing and hunting along with showjumping. So we would have got to take part in most disciplines but none can come close to hunting. You and your horse have a connection and a trust in each other to navigate each other through the unknown. The euphoria you feel can hardly be depicted. Great highs you reach when you win good classes makes all the hard work and disappointing times worth it. An Irish horse is completely unique horse for there bravery, stamina, endurance and reliability and consistency. Not to mention their adaptability to any discipline and they will always give you that bit extra when you need it. This is what sets them apart from any other breed I now live in Caltra Co. Galway and I have four kids. One girl and three boys so my days are busy with them. My husband Parairc Kelly does all the work with the horses. Producing young Irish horses for completion and for sale.

My ambition for the future is to see my kids be competing and be every bit as successful as we were.

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