Mark Beecher

Surrounded by horses, it came as no surprise that Mark Beecher would follow the same career path as his brothers and sisters. Mark was a keen showjumper until the age of 19, then chose not to ride at all for about 4 months until moving to Northern Ireland to go breaking racehorse which progressed into me taking out a Jockey’s license and began a racing career. Trained by my father, Tim, along with Rachel Bayliss, who would come over a couple times a year from England, Mark has gone on to have a successful career.

Mark’s first big win was in the Millstreet 128cm Derby on Loughnatousa Jack at age nine. At the time, it was always broadcast on National television and was a pretty big deal for a child. Paul had won it the year before on a pony called The Kerryman so it was a special win for the family.Since moving to America, I have been fortunate to to form a partnership with a horse called Grinding Speed IV and I went on to win the seven Timber Stakes on him including two Virginia Gold Cups and three International Gold Cups and with this over $300,000 in prize money.

Winning the Maryland Hunt Cup in 2013 on Professor Maxwell was most memorable win because two weeks prior to the race I broke my collarbone and dislocated my shoulder in a fall, so riding in the race was tough. In the race at the 9th fence we nearly fell but didn't, the result was I lost my stirrups and had to jump the next four fence without them before regaining them and going on to win. It’s one, that I won’t forget in a hurry.The Maryland Hunt Cup is known as been one of the World’s toughest courses with it being run over four miles and 22 vertical solid rail fences some standing at 5ft in size.

For Mark, Conformation, temperament and ability in that order is what he looks for in a horse. The Irish horse has a special place in his heart as they have a fantastic brain and very versatile to so many disciplines

My Ambitions is link to my family. With any luck, my brothers will keep producing the high standard of horse that makes Loughnatousa known the world over which makes my job in marketing and selling Loughnatousa horses easy here in America.

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